US Lawmakers Question Terrorist Use of Facebook Cryptocurrency

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives questioned Financial Crime Enforcement Network ( FinCEN ) director Kenneth Blanco regarding Facebook’s organized cryptocurrency Thursday. Representatives Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO), Trey Hollingsworth (R-IN), Bill Foster (D-IL) and French Hill (R-AR ) kept a briefing with members of the House Financial Services Committee, talking about the Libra project […]

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US china tradewar

Trade war hits Chinese economy, pulls the growth rate to 27 years low

The ongoing trade war with the United States took a toll over Chinese economy. Country’s GDP charts reflected that…

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Jonathan Symonds to come onboard as GSK’s new chairman

GlaxoSmithKline announced on Sunday that it is in talks with HSBC’s deputy chairman, Jonathan Symonds, to lead the pharmaceuticals…

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Facebook to pay $5bn fine for privacy violation – Reports

The Federal Trade Commission has voted and confirmed fining Facebook approximately $5bn to settle the investigation concerning the company’s…

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Bitcoin Drops down under $ 11,450 as US Stock Market Spots Minor Recession 

Saturday, July 13 — The majority of the leading 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting deficits on the day by press time, as Bitcoin…

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us china dispute

China warns US: Don’t play with fire with the Taiwan question

On Friday, China declared that it would impose sanctions on US companies who were involved in the latest arms…

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Ford and Volkswagen join hands to build automated and electric vehicles

Volkswagen AG and Ford Motor Co announced on Friday morning that two have formed a global alliance to create…

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Donald Trump

Trump not a fan of Libra, asks Facebook to follow banking regulations

US President Donald Trump in his recent tweet, criticised the companies launching and promoting cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Facebook’s…

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Financial Reporting Council disappointed with audit quality of Big Four

The Financial Reporting Council criticised the deteriorating audit quality of the UK’s top audit companies including KPMG, Deloitte, PwC…

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Moody predicts European and Middle Eastern share market to decline over trade tiff and political scepticism

Moody’s Investors Service released its latest report on European and Middle Eastern market on Wednesday. The report predicted an…

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Mark carney

BoE ready for the no-deal Brexit and the Trade war

The Bank of England said on Thursday; the British Banks are ready with enough capital to deal with the…

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Irish MPs vote down the EU-Mercosur deal, call it bad for Ireland and the planet

On Wednesday, Irish parliament voted down the EU-Mercosur deal, calling the agreement as “a bad deal for Ireland and…

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car manufacturers

UK economy rebounds to a growth of 0.3% during the pre-Brexit shutdown

The British economy hauled a one-month downturn to come back to economic increase in the month of May as…

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