Air Bridges Might Make Britain More Attractive For Air Travel Post Pandemic

Air Bridges

The United Kingdom is looking for innovative ways to ensure it can appease agitations over their quarantine plans that is hindering travel and tourism.  For this, Britain has decided to introduce air bridges with countries where the Covid-19 disease contraction cases are few. 

The British ministers plan to use a five point assessment criterion to access which countries can be possible made part of a quarantine free air bridge agreement. 

Earlier on, United Kingdom had put strict quarantine rules in place for those travelling into Britain. But this has been heavily criticized as it will throw back all travel related business and other plans.  This includes hospitality and travel majors who have also warned against psychological damage that such strict quarantine rules can do to travelers who have already been home bound for 40 days or so and are trying to get back to some kind of normal life. 

The findings have been substantiated by the International Air Transport Association that recently, published research suggesting the policy of 14 days of self-isolation for U.K. arrivals will put people off flying almost as much as fears surrounding the pandemic itself.

According to researchers, air bubbles and bridges are going to (probably) become the new way of travelling in days to come. With this, Britain is trying to salvage some of what is left of a vacation season, that will cost their travel and tourism industry quite dearly.
 The Wikipedia defines an air bridge as a connector suspended between an airplane to the terminal entrance. It eliminates any contact into the airport and is a quick way to get people out of the airport bounds. 

To be put into action from June 8, the new quarantine rules were accompanied by quick and prompt weekly checks over people travelling back to UK. Travellers and those returning home to the UK would also have to submit their address of stay at arrival to UK airports and ports. Spot checks by the police could be accompanied by £1,000 fines for anyone not observing the quarantine rules. It is believed up to 100 homes would be checked per day.

The idea of air bridges is a commendable one that seemed to have been rubbished in May when it was floated by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps. But it now receiving attention from the British PM Boris Johnson itself and might just save Britain’s summer.
There are plans to introduce air bridges from the end of June. Many industry players are already admitting the huge damage that the pandemic has done to air travel and overall business.
  If the rate of infection through Corona virus remains controlled from countries with low contraction numbers, air bridges might just be the safest bet for safe return back. 

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