Another ‘honest mistake’ by Facebook, uploads email details of 1.5 million users

The California based social media network, Facebook is back in news for another security lapse after, Cambridge Analytica, a giant hack compromising the user data. This time, it an ‘unintentional’ goof up of sharing email contacts of 1.5 million people over a three year period without their agreement. The network got the access to users email ids and password through a verification system, used to identity new members.

When we see contact suggestions on our Facebook screen”people you may know”, we will wonder “How do you know that I may know them?” It is through these details that they know who is or might be related to us socially or professionally. The universe of Facebook is like being under the surveillance of big brother.

During the investigations Facebook admitted thatit had access to the passwords, but found “no evidence of abuse or misuse.” It also assured that passwords were not shared with any external party. Even after revealing the details about the lapse, Facebook doesn’t seem to be actively recommending that people change their passwords.

“This is an issue that has already been widely reported, but we want to be clear that we simply learned there were more passwords stored in this way,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement.

Experts believe that no matter how honest a mistake it was, it would have serious legal implications as with this so called security error, Facebook might have potentially violated multiple American and European Union laws.  The list includes a US FTC consent decree, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – the European Union’s data privacy regulation, and Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), even through Facebook might have strong defence against it.

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