Boris Johnson confirms £1.8bn injection to upgrade British health and social care

Newly elected UK prime minister Boris Johnson is trying to give people the taste of Brexit benefits, before they change their mind about it. Johnson, who was one of the lead propagators of ‘Leave’ (European Union) campaign in 2016 referendum, on Monday, confirmed that the government would be putting in funds worth £1.8 billion ($2.2 billion) to upgrade the country’s National Health Services.

During the initially phase of ‘Leave’ campaign Johnson pitched the idea of Brexit along with a pledge that if the country exits EU, it could spend upto £350 million pounds on the NHS, a week.

Johnson said in a statement, “Today I’m delivering on this promise with a 1.8 billion pounds cash injection — meaning more beds, new wards, and extra life-saving equipment to ensure patients continue to receive world-class care.”

During his visit to a hospital in Lincolnshire, eastern England on Monday, Johnson said, “It’s time to face up to this challenge and make sure the NHS receives the funds it needs, to continue being the best healthcare service in the world.” 

Johnson did not stop there and added that he would also inject funds in the country’s other internal projects such as policing, education and regional infrastructure.

The opposition criticised Johnson for spending liberally not really to improve the country’s health and social care but to prepare a solid ground for election.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that during one of his interviews, Dominic Cummings, one of the key brains behind the Leave campaign, said that Johnson could hold a national election after the October 31 Brexit deadline if he loses a vote of no confidence in British Parliament.

Many of the Britain’s lawmakers are not only against Johnson’s Brexit plan, but also extracting funds out of the last government’s “fiscal headroom”, especially when country needs all the money to support the economy, nearing the no-deal scenario.

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