Boris Johnson: Promises to create free ports to boost the UK economy, by ‘billions’ if he wins.

Last night, BORIS Johnson promised that he would create duty-free ports to boost up the economy if he wins the coming elections and becomes Prime Minister.

Experts have calculated that trade zones could create more than 150,000 jobs and will generate billions if they revitalize the struggling industrial regions. Mr.Johnson also vowed to start an immediate review into making free ports so they could be running as soon as possible after Britain exits the European Union. During his visit to the North-east, he said: “When I become the Prime Minister, I will do everything that I can to enhance the investments and economic growth success rate in the entire United Kingdom.

He proposed that the parts can be handled and processed and can be utilized in the free exchanging zones, which can be good for the supporters and would lift up job opportunities in different sorts of occupations in the nation.

The charges may be forced only if the products will be sold in the domestic market alone.

Despite the fact that Brussels does not totally ban the system, its state aid and custom rules make it tough to be introduced.

Port city officials, for example, Tees Valley, in the North-east, have been battling to be given the status.

Mr.Johnson sponsored a report appointed by the area Mayor, Ben Houchen, which estimated that a free port could give a net increase in £2billion to the UK economy and up to 32,000 new employment in Teesport, a huge seaport, more than 25 years.

Johnson added that of the 30 biggest UK ports, 17 are in the most deprived ones, he has not put a firm number on what number of free ports he would start but said that around six would be likely.

It will be dependent upon private port operators to apply for the new designations, and that would just be allowed once neighboring areas are consulted.

Around 3,500 free trade zones exist worldwide and in spite of the fact that the Treasury would miss out on the tariffs and the supporters of the system may call the attention to bypass the UK to dock at the most competitive ports.

By enticing them to the British waters, it will increase the amount of new Employment.

Tory’s rival Jeremy Hunt said that a nationwide free ports idea would probably not going to work for the UK, however, he said that he is available to take a look at it for specific regions and districts that would need development.

Tory added in leadership hustings in Darlington, County Durham, that It would be tough as a UK-wide policy.

Johnson was applauded on the campaign trail yesterday. Alongside the occasion in Darlington and he visited the BAE Systems shipbuilding yard in Glasgow, where he had talks with the company workers.

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