Boris Johnson To Move Funds To Help Scottish Farming Community

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is moving the office to Scotland temporarily. His main point of focus will be to announce additional funding for Scottish farmers.

The trip will give the newly appointed leader on the seat of power, some much-needed relief from his loss recently.

Johnson faced a bruising week in which he lost Commons votes on his general election plan and a bill designed to stop a no-deal Brexit.

Plans include his visit to the Queen’s Balmoral estate along with a farm.

This is all after the government revealed a £160m funding package for Scottish farmers.

The move, it is being felt, will settle down tension and heat building over years, on the issue of fair distribution of EU’s Common Agriculture Policy payments across the United Kingdom.  

Further, Downing Street has shared with the media and the PM will also be using his visit to Scotland to announce an additional £51.4m for Scottish farmers over the next two years.

In response to this decision, the Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Westminster, insisted that this well deserved monetary help should have been given to farmers and crofters in Scotland in 2016. “Three years too late the case is coming to Scotland,” added Blackford.

However, Johnson is on the mind that this extra funding would not only “correct an injustice”, but also help Scottish farmers “secure their future”.

The decision of fair funding was taken by the UK government with an aim to execute fair allocation of financial resources to farmers across the whole of the UK, with an assurance that the industry will be ready for a “prosperous future” outside the EU.

These are said to be key recommendations from Lord Bew’s newly-published review of farm funding. Speaking on the movement to the media, NFU Scotland president Andrew McCornick has said that he considers “Boris Johnson’s disastrous plan for a no-deal Brexit” to be “calamitous for Scottish farming.”

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