Brexit: EU will have the advantage over UK trade talks, says Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Before a couple of days left for the UK to leave the European Union, Ireland’s Prime Minister says Brussels will have the advantage in the upcoming trade dealings.

On Monday, Leo Varadkar cautioned “we’re just at halftime on Brexit” as the cutoff time for Britain’s exit from the bloc approaches. He included that the negotiations didn’t need to be contested, and could end in a “mutual profitable” deal.

“The European Union is an association of 27 part states. The UK is just a single nation. Also, we have a populace and a market of 450 million individuals. The UK, it’s around 60 (million),” Varadkar told the BBC.

An 11-month transition period is set to follow the UK’s exit on January 31, with Britain proceeding to keep EU rules while the different sides turn out new deals on the security, trade, and different regions of cooperation.

Boris Johnson is adamant that he won’t consent to extend the Brexit transition past the finish of 2020, regardless of whether a deal is not struck. However, Varadkar stated a complete agreement would be difficult to pound out in such a timetable, as indicated by the AP.

“We have to get down to serious business and try and get the deal done, which is important for the Irish economy and Britain too,” stated Varadkar.

Ireland is the single EU nation to share borders with the UK, and Britain is one of its prime business partners.


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