credit suisse

Credit Suisse ties up with global funds distribution platform, Allfunds

On Tuesday, Credit Suisse, Swiss bank announced that it has merged its business-to-business investment fund platform – Credit Suisse’s…

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China FTSE

China is becoming ‘too big to ignore,’ states FTSE analyst 

The rising internationalization of Chinese shares and bonds means China has become “too big to ignore,” as per FTSE Russell Managing Director of…

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Royal bank of scotland

Bank of Scotland fails to disclose £245m scandal, pays £45.5m fine

Bank of Scotland failed to inform the regulators about a £245million scandal at the bank’s Reading branch which led…

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Airbus company

Airbus shuts GPT to save it from criminal prosecution

Airbus, the European airplane company announced that it would close its UK subsidiary, GPT Special Project Management. The UK…

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uk firms funded by offshore Windmill

A £100m fund seeks to enhance UK firms

A  £100m fund has been established to aid UK firms capitalize on the boom in offshore wind. With the United Kingdom 

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Airbus easily outpaces Boeing in new plane orders since Paris Air Show wraps up 

Airbus capped a comparatively low-key Paris Air Show with more than two times as many orders as Boeing. From Monday through Thursday,…

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US companies strongly oppose Trump’s China tariff plan, call it detrimental for business

US companies especially from the world of technology including Apple, Keurig Dr.Pepper, Dollar Tree, Fitbit opposed the proposal to…

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Deutsche Bank faces criminal investigation over money-laundering issue

Deutsche bank has been accused of money-laundering charges imposed by a former Bank employee. Tammy McFadden, a former anti-money…

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Libra fb

Banking sector wary of Facebook’s Libra coin, demands closer examination

Facebook’s recent announcement over the launch of its global digital currency, Libra, raised a lot of apprehensions among the…

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Facebook Libra

Cryptoverse Attained Level 9000 in Trolling Facebook and Libra 

Well, the cryptoverse plays hard and instantly to the point. This time, a so-called Hong Kong-based developer focused the governance structure of the…

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