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Airbus company

Airbus shuts GPT to save it from criminal prosecution

Airbus, the European airplane company announced that it would close its UK subsidiary, GPT Special Project Management. The UK…

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German flag

Germany loses track of 160 ‘Islamic State’ supporters 

About 1,000 Germans traveled to the Middle East to join the ‘Islamic State’ after 2013. A few of them…

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Airbus easily outpaces Boeing in new plane orders since Paris Air Show wraps up 

Airbus capped a comparatively low-key Paris Air Show with more than two times as many orders as Boeing. From Monday through Thursday,…

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Carney warns that abrupt shift to no-brexit deal would hit UK economy

With the United Kingdom nearing the date of exiting the EU, i.e. 31 October, the Bank of England governor,…

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Waymo finalized a contract to make self-driving cars for use in France and Japan 

Waymo has agreed upon a deal with Renault and Nissan to build self-driving cars and trucks for use in France, Japan…

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Bank of England

Sterling slips since Bank of England cuts second-quarter progress to zero

The Bank of England kept interest rates stable on Thursday amid the possibility of a no-deal Brexit still hanging over the…

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Deutsche Bank faces criminal investigation over money-laundering issue

Deutsche bank has been accused of money-laundering charges imposed by a former Bank employee. Tammy McFadden, a former anti-money…

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European Central Bank

Trump rebuked European Central Bank for weakening euro

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump rebuked European Central Bank President Mario Draghi for hinting at the route of…

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facebook 1

European regulators are already pushing Facebook concerning  its cryptocurrency 

As Facebook launched its cryptocurrency project today, European authorities quickly called for scrutiny of the plan, raising concerns over whether the…

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French-Israeli billionaire acquires Sotheby

On Tuesday, Sotheby, a 275-year-old auction house, announced that it has been acquired by BidFair USA, for about $3.7…

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