Facebook Libra

Cryptoverse Attained Level 9000 in Trolling Facebook and Libra 

Well, the cryptoverse plays hard and instantly to the point. This time, a so-called Hong Kong-based developer focused the governance structure of the…

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Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Officially announced its new cryptocoin Libra 

Social media giant Facebook together with 27 organizations have finally revealed their plans for Libra, “a global, reserve-backed digital currency…

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Zuckerberg Promises to Take Steps against the Facebook Scandal

Facebook’s cryptocurrency gets $10m each from Uber, Paypal, Mastercard and Visa 

Facebook has situated massive backers for its new cryptocurrency, Libra, which is scheduled to be unveiled in 2020. Market giants like…

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Mark zuckerberg

Facebook, Google and Twitter should do more to tackle fake news, EU claims 

Facebook, Google and Twitter ramped up their endeavors to fight fake news ahead of elections previous month, however “more needs to be…

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us china

Trumps warns China of new tariffs ahead of G20 summit

On Monday, US President Donald Trump warned China of imposing huge new tariff if his counterpart Xi…

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tax avoidance

UK is ‘world’s greatest enabler’ of corporate tax avoidance, survey says 

The UK and its satellite jurisdictions are among those blamed by a survey for the “breakdown of the global corporate…

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Google play store

Fictitious cryptocurrency apps on Google Play try to make profit on bitcoin price surge

Google’s official Play Store has been stuck hosting hazardous apps that highly targeted Android users with an interest in…

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EU election

Facebook and Twitter under the focus for the European elections 2019

Social medias especially Twitter and Facebook are on the spotlight for the European Parliament elections, 2019 which is going…

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Facebook exposed Insta passwords

Another ‘honest mistake’ by Facebook, uploads email details of 1.5 million users

The California based social media network, Facebook is back in news for another security lapse after, Cambridge Analytica,…

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Apple and Qualcomm settle a dispute over patents 

The courtroom combat in San Diego was likely to last for weeks, otherwise months.It was over on the very first day, April 16th…

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