Hello kitty

EU anti-trust regulator levies €6.2m fine on Hello Kitty

On Wednesday, European Union anti-trust body charged the owner of Hello Kitty, Sanrio, a fine of €6.2million over the…

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Mt gox

Investor Fortress Will certainly Buy Mt Gox Creditor Claims for $900 Per Bitcoin 

Creditors of Mt Gox ready to obtain their bitcoin back from the long-defunct swap are now able to obtain pennies on the…

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Green iniatives

No more fossil fuels for National trust, it plans to invest in green initiatives

National Trust takes a significant step in order to combat global climate crisis by disinvesting its investment fund, worth…

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European Central Bank Exec Involves Fast Regulatory Action Concerning Libra 

European Central Bank Executive Board member Benoit Coeure is urging financial regulators to work rapidly to get ready for the forthcoming Libra…

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Qatar economy down

Qatar showmanship fizzles out: Announces investments in nations while its economy suffers amid World Cup preparations

Qatar’s economy is experiencing a down spin as it got overburdened with building $200 billion of infrastructure for the…

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Brazilian Bank Plans to Exploit Tezos Blockchain for STOs Worthy of $1 Billion

BTG Pactual, which is Brazil’s fifth largest bank, plans to utilize the Tezos blockchain for security token offerings most…

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Europe stocks

European stocks close higher on US-China trade optimism; WPP shares down 2.5% 

European stocks ended up higher on Tuesday after President Donald Trump revealed that trade talks with China, that had stalled in May,…

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Bitcoin money

UK Regulators Sanction First Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund 

Prime Factor Budget was the first crypto hedge fund approved as a full-scope alternative investment fund manager by the Financial…

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EU vietnam

EU-Vietnam enter a landmark free trade agreement, eliminating 99% of tariffs

European Union signed a free trade agreement with Vietnam on Sunday, in Hanoi. The EU described it as “the…

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BIS CEO: Central Banks May Problem Digital Currencies ‘Sooner Than We Think’

After authorizing comments and reports heavily crucial of cryptocurrencies over the last few years, Agustin Carstens, chief of the…

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