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qatar business

Ties of three Panama-based firms with Qatar royal family revealed

A website named revealed the links of three Panama-based firms with Qatari royal family. It…

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U.S. dep

Trump’s administration pursues “Qatari illegal funding” for US universities

This is not the first time Qatar violates American and trump rules, after maintaining good relationships with Iran…

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Un secretary general

Oil tanker attack triggered Gulf crisis, insurance and oil market to get the worst of it

The recent attack on the two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, worsened the global market…

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US-Gulf arms sale, an attempt to circumvent Congress

On Wednesday, US senators questioned the State Department official about US President, Donald Trump’s, decision to sell…

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Iran downturn

As the Iranian economy takes a down turn, Qatar, an ally, tries to play ‘mediator’ with US

  One year after the US President Donald Trump’s pulled out of 2015 nuclear agreement with…

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Air defence missile

Iran unveils new air defence system since it warns Europe to normalise ties

An increasingly secluded Iran released a new “domestically produced” air defence system on Sunday, hours after urging European countries…

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Qatar stocks down

Qatar’s stocks are at all time low

The local stock market in Qatar has plunged to all-time low, not to miss the falling value of their…

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Will Turkey lose Idlib or choose S-400s?

American defense corporations Raytheon and Lockheed Martin failed to include technology transfer or co-production in their offer as well…

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Consumer index

Turkey’s consumer confidence rises 6.9% in April from March

Turkish consumers’ confidence in the financial system went up by 6.9% in April, the country’s statistical power declared Monday.The…

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Iran oil sanctions

US to get rid of Iran oil sanctions waiver for India ,7 other counties for Iran oil Import

The United States seems to declare on Monday that all buyers of Iranian oil must end their imports soon…

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