CEO of New York Times warns publishers as Apple readies news service launch

It is expected that Apple will be launching a rather ambitious paid service for digital news soon. This is a part of the efforts of Apple to compete with Netflix, the current leader in streaming video. However, the news service is not going to feature one of the biggest news firms in the US, the New York Times.

Mark Thompson, the CEO of New York Times has given a warning that reliance on distribution via third-parties can be rather dangerous for the publishers as they will be risking a loss of control over their very own product.

In an interview, he mentioned that they were quite wary when it comes to letting people get their news from a different source. Moreover, they are worried about letting their journalism being mixed with everyone else’s.

Thompson has also warned that publishers may end facing the same fate as filmmakers and television networks due to the entry of Netflix into Hollywood. The New York Times is the biggest newspaper in the US by subscriber count.

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