Corrupted Qatari Rulers Humiliates the Country by Using the General Economy for Personal Finances

Uncontrolled corruption in the government and failure of economy has led to the downfall in Qatari economy. The experts are citingseveral reasons for such a condition of the Qatari economy, but the main being that the rulers of Qatar and his team are drawing out money from the general economy to use it for their own financial activities and also to cover up the huge losses suffered by the domestic companies. This is turn is vacating the economy out of liquid assets. The Middle East has is in a reproachable situation due to the rising number of corruption cases in the Qatari Economy. According to other non-governmental organizations, the lack of transparency in the economic policies is another reason for such a downfall.


Qatar has been painted red with corruption charges over the FifaWorld Cup 2022 and the scandals revolving around it. The FBI along with the Brazilian Justice Ministryis investigating on the transfer of $22 billion which was made to Qatar. The Ghanim Bin Saad Al-Saad& Sons Group (CSSG) was transferred the designated amount in January 2011, after Qatar got its World Cup assignment for 2022, as said by the former boss of Brazilian Football Federation, Ricardo Teix`eira.


Jose Ugaz, chair of Transparency International, which is a non-governmental organization, said that the human rights abuse the migrant workers and the scandal over the World Cup 2022 clearly showcases the perception of Qatar. To this Ugaz added that a country which has autocratic leaders, declining democracies, disturbing pattern of civil society, limitations on press and weak judiciary cases of corruption has an effect on the economy of the country.

Qatar has been supporting some extremist groups and interfering in the matters of some other countries. Doha has been raising funds for the dangerous terrorists groups like ISIS, AQAP, Hamas and Taliban which has been criticized by the U.S. and the rest of the world.


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