EU Nations Decide To Help Italy Manage Migrants At Sea

As a part of the Europe wide plan, Germany and France have agreed to take migration estranged on the sea, especially at the Mediterranean. The plan comes under the Europe Migration Agreement that aims to help ease off some pressure over Italy and will possibly strengthen the stand of the Italian Pro- EU government.

Under this system, European Union countries have agreed to volunteer to participate and take in asylum seekers who arrive at Italian or Maltese ports on rescue boats mostly operated by non-governmental organizations.

Migrants rescued would undergo security checks before being distributed within four weeks to participating EU countries. The recipient countries would process their asylum claims, and would have the right to withdraw from the pact if the arrangement, or the numbers of migrants, became disorderly, he said.

Italy has been dealing with the problem of illegal immigration and had been complaining to EU nations for not extending a helping hand. It was so happening that NGO would come and offload migrants and Italian ports, something that the leader of the anti-immigration League party Matteo Salvini, would not let happen.

Salvini is without an office at the moment before he held the post of Interior Minister.

Finally, EU nations are showing more clemency in the matter. The sea passage from Libya to Italy is the most popular for migrants to find their way into Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. Most of them are escaping warzones and are seeking a better life.

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