EU public poll ranks migration and climate change more worrying issues than economy

The European Union’s biannual public poll, Eurobarometer, revealed that the citizens of the 28-nation bloc joined their voice to draw the attention of European Parliament towards migration and climate change as the top most concern, even more important than European economy. Immigration tops the list of concern at EU level, with 34% of mentions.

Climate change which was ranked fifth in the last survey, jumped three steps ahead in Europeans priority list. It could also be the result of the recent record-breaking heat wave, which hit the continent. Besides, the reports like largest-single day loss of Greenlands ice sheet, also raises the alarm. The result resonated what Mark Carney, head Bank of England said earlier. Carney warned that global warming, if not addressed on time, could pull the world economy whirling into another 2008-like crisis. Carney said back in 2015 that three types of risk would fracture the global financial system: losses in the insurance system, climate change liability, and the issue of stranded assets.

Ursula von der Leyen, the soon-to-be President of the European Commission, has pledged to raise as much as 1 trillion euros ($1.12 trillion) in investment to cater to the issues of climate change over the period of next ten years.

The results also showed that, whether dealing with economic or political issues, over the period of time people’s trust in EU has gone up, specifically in 20 member states, with the highest scores in Lithuania (72%). 55% of the EUzens expressed satisfaction with the way democracy works in the bloc. It was validated by majority of respondents who felt that their ‘voice counts in EU’. As compared to last year, more number of people held optimistic perspective about the future of EU.

EU claimed this years findings brought out the best results since the June 2014 Eurobarometer survey, which was conducted before the Juncker Commission took charge.

With the leadership of the Commission changing, the survey provides a detailed list of issues the union needs to focus, the top five being: immigration, climate change, economic situation, terrorism and environment.

The latest survey was conducted after European elections. It data was collected through face-to-face interviews held between7 June and 1 July 2019 across the 28 EU Member States and five candidate countries. These five candidate countries include North Macedonia, Turkey, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania.

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