EU would be excited if Scotland applied to readmission, says Donald Tusk

The former president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has said there would be widespread excitement in the EU if Scotland asked to rejoin after autonomy.

In comments that will support Nicola Sturgeon’s campaign for the coming election, Tusk told the BBC he had extraordinary compassion for the longing of numerous Scots to rejoin the EU after Brexit.

“I do not doubt that everybody would be excited here, in Brussels and all the more broadly in Europe, yet at the same time, we have customs and treaties. However, if you ask me regarding my feelings, there’s an authentic inclination. You will observe, I think, compassion.”

Scotland cast a ballot 62% for staying in the EU in the 2016 Brexit vote, and in each election since it has indicated over 70% support to parties that backed rejecting Brexit.

After a YouGov survey put backing for freedom at 51% a week ago, Sturgeon is wishing to raise support for a new vote with a progression of policy papers this late spring setting out the case for autonomy, the Guardian reported.

Tusk said that legal issues were confronting Scotland to become independent and look for rejoin the EU, and also the diplomatic convention of not meddling in a state’s internal matters.

The EU has been clear Scotland would need to apply again, the Guardian reported.

Sturgeon’s administration intends to enact to constitute where it can to make Scotland’s domestic policies adhere as strictly as conceivable to EU’s guidelines, to assist its the case for quick readmission.

That starts up an area of contention amid Sturgeon and Boris Johnson’s legislature.

The prime minister is relied upon to dismiss Brussel’s requests for close arrangement on key territories of approach, for example, laborers’ rights, environment, and state aid, EU-UK trade talks, including UK-wide strategies managed by Westminster.

Johnson’s accomplishment in verifying the UK’s exit from the EU on Friday raises other critical difficulties for Sturgeon over which money an autonomous Scotland would utilize, its huge deficiency, and the troubles of having a hard border with the remainder of the UK, influencing 60% of Scotland’s market, The Guardian reported.

Scotland would not have the option to win back any of the concessions the UK had inside the EU. Scotland would likewise be relied upon to rejoin the standard fisheries policy – a framework that helped the pro-Brexit vote in Scottish netting zones, The Guardian reported.


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