Facebook finally buys CTRL-Labs for its mind-reading wristband in $1bn

Facebook has bought neural interface startup CTRL-Labs in around $1 billion (£800m). 

The US-based startup joins Facebook Reality Labs, the social media mammoth’s developed and virtual reality division, with the concept of producing its mind-reading innovation into consumer items.

The CTRL-Labs makes a wrist band that is said to decode electrical signals via our brain, and after wearing the wristband, people will be able to control their computer with their thoughts.

According to the Business Insider, Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth explained how this innovation functions, the way we have neurons in our spinal cord that transmits electrical signals to our body and enables us to do different tasks. Similarly, the CTRL-Labs wristband will decode our signals into digital signals that our devices will understand, which will empower us to control our devices via our brain.

It is Facebook’s most significant acquisition since it purchased virtual reality startup Oculus VR in 2014 for $2bn, and fortifies Facebook’s commitment to making hardware. 

Bosworth also added that “Innovation like this can open up new creative possibilities and rethink nineteenth-century inventions in a 21st-century world. This is the way our communications in VR and AR can one era look. It can change how we interface. The Independent reported.

Following Facebook’s declaration of the acquisition, CTRL-Labs shared a message over its social media platform that it is “excited” to join Facebook Reality Labs. The Independent reported.

The ongoing scandals involving how Facebook handles and uses personal data of FB members raised questions about its privacy policy and client data protection.

The CTRL-Labs’ wristband is not the only brain-computer interface that Facebook will take a shot at, having effectively introduced a headset equipped for moving an individual’s thoughts straight onto a PC screen. 

“We’re living on the edge of the next big human-oriented processing technology,” Facebook stated. They also added, “The joined technology of AR and VR combine and change the way we interact, work, play, and connect to the world.” The Independent reported.

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