France and Germany Displeased Over American Interference In WHO Reformation Process

The two biggest economies in the European Union, France and Germany have stepped away from reformation talks centering the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to confirmed reports, both are displeased over the US involvement in the process as the latter has already declared openly that it intends to sever ties with the global UN body.

There is no justification in America to dictate terms of the reformation documents that involve the participation of all its member states.  According to an agreed protocol, members of the G7 alliance have to prepare a reformed document, which is then to be reviewed and finalized by the members of the G20 and the UN.

The United States is now technically not a part of the G7 alliance and the WHO has had to do away with its largest donor as well.  Led by Donald Trump, the US has washed hands off the health organization on the pretext that it worked in favor of China and did not do anything significant to control the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is now contemplating shifting its funds to other global health organizations. There are rumors that the WHO is trying its level best to prove its worth and credibility at such times.

A blueprint proposed by the US looks undoable and harsh from France and Germany perspective, while the more pressing issue is that a nation that has decided to make an exit from the alliance cannot be allowed to dictate the terms of reformation for the WHO.

According to formal terms of exit, a country has to give a year’s notice before it stops association with the WHO. In that context, the US might still be in the right to have a stronger voice in the reformation process for the WHO. Trump had sent a formal intimation to António Guterres, UN secretary-general which was put into effect from July 06. On the flip side, a 12 month notice period can also mean that the US might come back to be a part of the alliance should Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, win the US November election. Mr. Biden has already criticized Trump administration’s decision to exit and said he would keep the US in a healthy body.

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