World Economic Forum To Start Over Tense Dynamics

As the scene heats up over the impeachment of Donald Trump, the US is again going to give the World Economic Forum a miss. This was initial information shared through a CNN report.

Earlier, the White House had decided to send a five-member delegation to ensure American presence. But even this decision has been retracted by Trump himself. It has been confirmed that Trump is ducking from admitting that the government shutdown is the major reason why he has had to cancel his Davos trip. As a way out, he had admitted he would want the finances to be used to erect a wall between Mexico and the USA. The proposal was rejected downright.

As it stood then, the US was not planning to participate in the forum this year too. Last year the reasons for him giving it a miss was the same- shortage of funds.

But the tables suddenly turned and Trump made an appearance at the summit. He is known to make impromptu decisions. Patting himself in the back, he has applauded the growth in the US economy, saying, “the country has not seen such growth ever before.” He has been heard reeling off a dozen achievement hours before his impeachment trial.

The annual meeting for the World Economic Forum (WEF) will be focused on the theme of “stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world” where some 3,000 leaders will be seen converging from all over the world. Thinkers from the field of business, public policy, culture, and technology would arrive at the Alpine town of Davos.

In the 50th year of its existence, it feels that this is the gloomiest year where the world is suffering at the hands of global warming and geopolitical turmoil. According to their annual global risk report, global experts are most concerned with the accelerating environmental damage and potential political flashpoints in several parts of the world.

Even Iran has pulled itself out of the discussions. Another reason for the US not to make its presence is the mounting tension between Washington and Tehran. Both would like to avoid any kind of public confrontation which has gone beyond the scope of dialogue.

Additionally, the Lebanese population has one more reason to be livid. They are not happy with the possibility of their acting foreign minister participating in the forum. Citing reasons of neglect on the part of Gebran Bassil as a caretaker foreign minister, civilians have taken to the social media and spilled the beans over how Bassil has for years, incited sectarian violence in Lebanon. He has continued to turn a blind eye to the devastating violence against civilians in Lebanon.

Bassil is scheduled to speak on the panel discussion over “The Return of Arab Unrest” along with Hussain Sajwani, chairman of Dubai-based developer Damac Properties, Rached Ghannouchi, speaker of the Tunisian assembly and the Dutch trade minister Sigrid Kaag.


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