Germany Braves Largest Contribution To EU Budgets Amidst Fresh Cases Of Covid-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus pandemic

 As contraction numbers of Covid-19 have mounted to almost 7000 in a single day after lockdown was opened up in Germany, as Europe’s largest economy, the country is still keeping a brave bet on being the largest contributor to the European Commission.

Promising to pay in as much as €13 billion more per year, this will be a huge contribution to the bloc’s future budget that will cover EU’s budgets from 2021 through to 2027. As per the German government calculations, this should come to almost a 42% increase in contributions for the European Commission. The new contribution figures mean an increase from the previous annual contributions of €31 billion coming up to almost € 44 billion annually. 

Apparently, this would be the largest contribution that would buttress the European Commission’s reasons to create a corpus of € 750 billion towards a Corona Virus bailout. Also, according to official statements by the German government, each member state must look at atleast contributing 1.075 percent of their gross domestic product (GDP) to the budget of EU amounting to a total of €1.1 trillion. The corona virus bailout comes out of this amount that covers a seven year budget layout for the European Union. 

Meanwhile, Germany is not finding it easy to control the spread of the virus within its bounds, as a recent outbreak at a meat processing plant seems to have escalated numbers of infected to more than 7000 in a single day. The government is now asking workers and everyone else in Rheda-Wiedenbrueck, the Guetersloh county to go into self quarantine immediately. Schools and colleges in the area is said to be shut down till the end of June.  There are chances the infection may bring about a second bout of infections as the company has reported that employees from the meat processing unit indeed had visited families in eastern European countries as border controls were relaxed.

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