Germany and the Netherlands form a combined military network

Networking on the battlefield won’t just be confined to communication between units for just one country. Germany and the Netherlands have made a cooperative military network, TEN (Tactical Edge Networking), that assists soldiers from both countries synchronize their operations. They’ll even share computers, radios, telephones and other equipment. TEN will originally link Germany’s land operations with the Netherlands’ tactical communications program.

Integration is an impressive aim of NATO, however it has not yet occurred regardless of the availability of the technology to accomplish this. This recent move will consequently be a test which will be observed meticulously by other NATO members. Later on, NATO hopes that members can share military networks and shared standards can be implemented across states.

The unification will ultimately include a head office in Koblenz, Germany, but there will be a design center at the barracks in the Dutch town of Amersfoort.

As the first part of the integration, communications between the German army’s Bundeswehr land-based operations (D-LBO) and the Dutch Ministry of Defence’s ‘FOXTROT’ tactical connectivity program will be unified.

On top of enhancing communication in the heat of battle, this would ideally pace the rollout of new technologies and requirements. It could strengthen their defenses against cyber warfare, too. This might also help with Europe’s overall defense. It’ll assist Germany and the Netherlands better integrate into NATO’s larger operations, and the two hope that other NATO associates will grasp the concept as well.

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