Germany willing to enhance relations with Latin America

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has informed DW that he would like to enhance ties with countries in Latin America. His feedback arrives in front of a Latin America conference in Berlin at the end of May.

Heiko Maas told DW Espanol that Germany is identified to strengthen cooperation with Latin American countries.

“Latin America is an organically for us specifically these days, whereas we’re observing the global order increasingly under pressure,” he shared DW’s Spanish language service in a statement.

“In future, we want to work more closely with our partners in Latin America-for example on climate policy, security and the rule of law,” he went on to say.

Maas said the upcoming Latin America conference, that is to be kept in Berlin from May 28 to 29, provides to start up the German Foreign Ministry’s Latin America and the Caribbean initiative.

“Together, in Europe and Latin America, we’re not simply 62 countries, we’re adding a lot more than 1 billion people. When we stronger ties and sing from the same songsheet, we could carry fantastic international clout to the table,” he said.

Together, we could stand up for further democracy, human rights, and fair rules,” he added.

Maas made his first visit to the region as foreign minister by the end of April, visiting Mexico, Colombia and also Brazil.

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