India to Become a Base for Food Security Due To the Joint Venture of the UAE and Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, Suresh Prabhu India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry And Civil Aviation stated that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have resolved to make India as a base for food security for the nations and it is also planning to spend money for both organic and food processing industries.

Briefing media on the sidelines of the Partnership Summit arranged by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) in Mumbai, Prabhu stated that the progress comes at a moment when India recently declared about an agricultural exports policy.

Prabhu stated that India is already the biggest producer of milk and the second largest producer of fruits that allows India to hold a huge probability to export. He added that the government has noted down which product can be exported from which district and each district will be divided into zones for that. For instance, Nasik has been recognized for grapes, Ratnagiri for mangoes, Nagpur for oranges, and so on. The government is working on this matter with the states in order to smooth this arrangement. The export policy has unfastened limitation on the export of both organic and horticultural products. Moreover, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are looking forward to investing in both kinds of products.

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