Iran to get 1000km of Gas Pipelines

Hassan Montazer Torbati, the director of the Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company, has stated that his company has been planning to create new gas pipelines with an overall length of 1,000km. He also stated that around 1 to 5 projects, over the last year, in the gas industry of Iran, have been made operational monthly.

In 2017, the company managed to complete 17 projects. On completion, they were given to the National Iranian Gas Company.

He also stated that one of the primary goals of the Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company is to finish the project of building over 1,000km of gas pipelines. Additionally, the aim is to link those pipelines to the national grid within 2018.

The pipelines will help in developing the South Pars gas field which Iran shares with Qatar. Iran does have strong ties with Qatar, especially in the field of economy, despite the sanctions that have been placed by the United States of America.

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