Ireland accuses Britain for being ‘totally unreasonable’ over Brexit

Britain has been accused by Ireland of being “totally unreasonable” over Brexit on Friday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s team had not offered any strong alternatives to the existing planned ‘backstop’, which the EU wants to ensure an open border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said.

“Boris Johnson is outlining a very clear and firm position but it is a totally unreasonable position that the EU cannot facilitate and he must know that,” Coveney said in an interview with Ireland’s Newstalk radio.

“We all want to get a deal but, at the moment, nothing credible has come from the UK government in terms of alternatives to the backstop.”

“If there are alternatives to the backstop that do the same job, well then let’s hear them. And if we can work out a deal on that basis, so be it. But it’s got to be credible,” Coveney told to reporters on arriving in Helsinki for talks with his EU peers

More than three years after the country voted in a referendum to leave the bloc, Britain is heading towards a showdown with the European Union over its plans to leave the bloc, which is due to take place in just over two months time.

London said on Friday British and EU negotiators will hold two times in a week talks next month to rework the so-called Withdrawal Agreement, which the UK parliament has repeatedly rejected due mainly to opposition to the backstop.

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