Lithuania Determined To Fight Down Belarus Dictator Lukashenko

The yet again re-elected president of Belarus is not being considered a legitimate one. It seems Lithuania is contemplating banning the long-time president Alexander Lukashenko from entering its country. It is also planning to sanction some 118 people from entering its country too.

Last week, the Lithuanian parliament, adopted a resolution calling for the non-recognition of Belarus’ recent presidential election and sanctions against officials concerned as well.  Under the resolution, Lithuania’s leaders, the European Council, the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the national parliaments and governments of EU and NATO member countries have been asked not to recognize Alexander Lukashenko as Belarus’ legitimate president.

The resolution has met with a majority vote. Additionally, Lithuania is also looking at punishing all those officials who were involved in vote-rigging and violence against the protestors. The list of those accused will be reviewed by interior minister Rita Tamasuniene post whose approval, these individuals will not be allowed to enter Lithuania.

Thirty accused of the 118-strong list have been accused of voter fraud. Belarus has been burning over the illegitimacy of the re-election of the dictatorial Lukashenko. Protestors were beaten up and jailed for weeks for protesting against his re-election.

European Union on its part is also planning to sanction the list of officials. If that happens, these officials will be barred to enter the EU bloc and also have all their assets frozen, if situated anywhere outside of Belarus.  The 65-year-old despite mass protests refuses to give up the seat of power. Under this dictatorship, Belarus has not seen any significant economic growth in a decade.

In fact, he has systematically appointed likeminded administration and ruled over the country, without consideration of the common man. The only one standing against him,

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was forced to escape to Lithuania fearing the safety of her children and herself.  When he walked into Belarus’s election commission to complain she had been cheated out of a win in last weekend’s presidential election, she disappeared thereafter. Lukashenko’s dirty power game is most evident in the fact no one can stand against his dictatorship.

Apart from some other countries that have voiced their disgust over inhuman treatment against the protestors, Lithuania has been a vocal critic of the Belarusian government since violence erupted after the vote and is currently hosting self-exiled opposition candidate Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

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