A Look at the Superjumbo Parts Factory in UAE

The Strata Manufacturing plant is located in Al Ain, surrounded by sand dunes. The plant is spread over 31,000 square meters and is actually responsible for manufacturing components for some of the biggest passenger planes in the world, the superjumbo planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A380.

Established in 2010, the plant then had only a single production line. Now, there are 11 production lines and hundreds of employees working to create components for the most advanced passenger planes of the world.

The chief executive of Strata, Ismail Abdulla mentioned that many people considered the company to crazy when it started. Many thought that it would be impossible to manufacture such integral components in this kind of area. However, despite the challenges, they have managed to prevail.

Additionally, Strata has managed to benefit from the major deals which Etihad and Emirates has signed with airplane manufacturers. Another great thing about Strata is that it has focused on buying enterprise. Instead, Emiratis are getting training and employment in engineering jobs thanks to it. This is particularly important as the nation is currently diversifying from the traditional oil and gas sectors.

The company has been successful in getting more people into the aerospace sector, encouraging the youth to pursue a career in this field. Currently, Emiratis consist of 51% of the workforce of 700. Of them, 86% are female, an enviable statistic.

Strata also offers secondments. Most recently, 2 Emirati female engineers returned from the United States. During their stay in America, they had the opportunity to work on the Dreamliner, giving them invaluable job experience. Strata has also created a research and development branch at the Khalifa University for 3D printing studies. It has also become associated with UAE University, offering intern and scholarship programs.

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