Malaysian Economy Minister: New Malaysia gives opportunity and hope

Azmin Ali, the Economic Affairs Minister of Malaysia, asked China to keep a positive outlook on Malaysia, currently under Pakatan Harapan administration. Azmin Ali is calling this the New Malaysia.
Instead of being apprehensive about New Malaysia, China should be looking at it with hope and even opportunity. Chinese businesses should be looking forward to dealing with the nation.

Azmin Ali spoke these words during the closing minutes of the South China Morning Post Conference China 2018 which was held at Hilton Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He stated that Malaysia has become one of the best regions in South East Asia for doing business, more than ever.
Ali, also the incumbent vice-president of the PKR party, also stated that Malaysia and China have ensured robust bilateral ties over the years. As such, China should not think of Malaysia to be only a
destination for foreign direct investments.
He also stated that Malaysia is interested in promoting their products in China. As previously stated by Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia wants to be a nation of producers and exporters. It does not want to remain a nation of consumers.
Recent news may have painted a different picture of Malaysia’s take on project reviews. However, Azmin states that it is not a sign that investments are unwelcome.
Azmin also went on to state that it is necessary for China and Malaysia to recalibrate the economies of both nations by focusing on balanced developments as well as examining joint projects.

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