Netflix loses $18bn in the stock market as US subscribers exit

For the first time in 8 years, Netflix loses its members, and overnight dip of $18bn (£14.5m) in the stock exchange value of Netflix this Wednesday.

Globally, Netflix added 2.7 million subscribers between April and June. The more significant part of the 5 million it had conjectured, sending shares diving 12% in after-hours of trading.

Netflix members numbers slipped to 60.1 million toward the end of the quarter from 60.2 million in the last period in the US, which is the largest market.

Netflix is as yet the predominant video-on-request service with 151.6 million members worldwide toward the end of June, yet opponents such as Hulu and Amazon have been investing intensely to contend.

Disney, which has an unmatched amount of movies and TV programs, is also giving competition to Netflix in the online streaming market. Apple too has joined the race in March.

Netflix criticized the drop-off in the growth of price acceleration in the US, where consumers needed to stomach value climbs of between 13% and 18%. It depended upon which package they have, with the most popular now is $13 every month.

Disney intends to offer its new attractive service called Disney Plus, in just $7.

Netflix is thinking about various ways to retain its members by banking on hit shows in 2019. e.g. latest launch of “Stranger Things season 3.”

Netflix is as yet developing fast despite its current status in the market. The value rises helped heighten income by 26% in contrast with a similar quarter a year ago while benefits surpassed profits at £709m. Reports by international media.

The most worrisome for Netflix Inc. is that if new contenders in the online streaming world keep rising, then how will they keep up the race. Also, their content providers are converting into competitors, which will require Netflix to give priority to the original content more.

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