No-deal Brexit plan will impact all goods and services as per ‘Operation Yellowhammer reports’

The British administration’s proposal for a no-deal Brexit caution of extreme disturbance to cross-Channel routes will be affecting the supply of fresh food products, and medicine too. They also predict rally and counter-protest will take place as the nation will face a possible rise in public chaos.

The “Operation Yellowhammer” published on Aug. 2 is the codename utilized by the UK Treasury for cross-government civil contingency preparing for the probabilities of a no-deal Brexit. The document consists the worst-case predictions made, the government stated; nine days following Boris Johnson took office and structured the basis of its no-deal plan.

The report examines the worst that could occur if Britain leaves the European Union on Oct. 31 without a deal. The citizens, as well as all businesses preparations, would probably suffer the brunt as political perplexity rise during the race to Brexit d-day.

It stated that particularly some types of fresh food items supply rate would decline. The risk of buying excess food items may increase due to panic, which will result in the fluctuation of supply and demand chain.

Trucks loaded with goods may have to wait for two days to cross the English Channel, which will have an ill effect on export and import services. The British citizens could be delayed due to queues in extensive immigration checks at the EU border.

Fuel trucks will find it tough to reach the city on time due to traffic jams; it will disturb supplies in London, and south-east England. The panic may cause a shortage of goods in other regions of the nation.

The extensive report stated that the rise of traffic over the English channel could diminish by 60% on the first day after a no-deal Brexit. The most terrible disturbance could last for three months. All the cross-border economic services would be affected, as would the data sharing among police and security administrations, as indicated by the report.

The opposition Labor Party told that the report affirmed the extreme dangers of a no-deal Brexit.

Labor’s Brexit representative Keir Starmer stated that the administration is utterly careless to have attempted to ignore these apparent signals and kept the public from seeing the truth. The Reuters reported. “

Boris Johnson should now concede that he has been irresponsible with the British people about the outcome of a No Deal Brexit,” he added.

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