Oil Companies Sued by West Coast Fishermen as a Protest against Changing Climate

The Dungeness crabs are one of the most coveted items in the northernmost coast of California. However, owing to recent events of water pollution, the states have postponed official Dungeness crab season. Fishermen who were waiting all year long to catch these prized crabs are infuriated and issued a lawsuit against the oil companies. According to them, the crabs are getting infected with a high level of neurotoxins by the name of domoic acid.
This domoic acid present in the crabs is linked to the ocean’s heating up and the source of this domoic acid is none other than then petrochemical oil companies.
Now, in the lawsuit, the oil companies have clearly averted scientific evidence and claim they are not responsible. But, reports state that despite the companies refusing to accept charges, the scientific
evidence cannot be beaten.
Nevertheless, these Dungeness crabs are very vital for the livelihood of certain people and come with a plethora of benefits. The fossil fuel industry by taking an active part in releasing of toxins in the water is hampering the livelihood of numerous people.
The reports of lawsuits by fishermen are thus very justified. These fishermen wish to penalize the production of usable affordable energy. The major reason being the residue from these oil industries gets imprisoned inside the earth’s atmosphere leading to increasing levels of Carbon dioxide. As a consequence, this leads to the heavy production of algae blooms in the ocean water which produces a high concentration of lethal domoic acids.
This, in turn, infects crabs which prevent fisherman from hunting them and thus destroying their means of livelihood. Henceforth, these fishermen demand a change, not just for climatic conditions but a
chance of a better life without hampering their productivity. Therefore, by issuing a lawsuit for the oil industries the fishermen are killing two birds with one stone.

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