Qatar Ranks as the Best Airline in the World Fourth in Row

Qatar once again ranked as the best airline in the world as per the ratings of Skytrax, a consumer-aviation website. Skytrax that covers almost 325 airlines bases its reviews on the judgment of 19.87 million travellers, and rates airlines based on 49 parameters. Ranging from comfort, seating, travel experience, and service etc. all strictures are checked to determine which airline offers the best customer service and ROI.

Qatar once again in the 2017 Paris Air Show emerged winner of Skytrax as it secured an award of the best airline in the globe. Before this Qatar became a constant favourite of Skytrax’s passenger reviews as it won awards in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Recently, Qatar won the fourth time offering maximum comfort and service to customers. As per Akbar Al Baker’s statement (CEO of Qatar), the acknowledgement by Skytrax is one of the biggest accomplishments for the airways. As Skytrax is based directly on customer reviews and reflects the viewpoints of patrons, Qatar is undoubtedly satisfying its users.

The fact that consumers have selected Qatar’s services over 325 airlines means that Qatar has managed to uphold its motto of excellent consumer service. It is undoubtedly a matter of pride and satisfaction for Qatar that it managed to satisfy its customers. The CEO in his statement thanked each and every one of Qatar’s users and promised to uphold optimal customer service.

The selection of Qatar by Skytrax reflects the hard work of each employee and the organization to offer the best flight experience to users.

Currently, after Qatar, the next airlines to secure popular votes were mostly Asia dominated airlines that secured the first 10 spots. The US airlines, however, did not do very well in this forte this time. Securing 32nd position is Delta which did not even reach the top 20.

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