Qatar at risk if it invests in Turkey

Experts from the banking and economic sectors have stated that the efforts by Turkey to stop the Lira from its uncontrollable fall are going to be unsustainable in the long run.
According to the analysts, the devaluation of the lira is the result of the economic repercussions that have accumulated. They have also noted that any efforts undertaken to prevent the fall will simply end
up postponing the collapse.
An expert has stated that the evidence currently available points to the fact that the crisis of the Turkish lira is not going to end anytime soon. The first thing to note is that the issue at the heart of the matter
is political. As such, it is vital to consider this aspect when discussing the developments.

Qatar has stated that it will be investing $15 billion into Turkey for the lira. However, experts note that Qatar does not have the option of investing the amount directly. On the other hand, Qatar has already made
the promise. As such, it will take more time for the investment to be made full. There are several vital reports from a few of the major financial institutions which note that the financial exposure will be quite sizeable if such an investment is made.
Another analyst has stated that the crisis has resulted from several economic repercussions which have not been a primary cause of the crisis on their own. As a result, all efforts that are undertaken to prevent the fall of the lira are not going to have much of an effect. The support of $15 billion which has been extended by Qatar is going to be ineffective at resolving the currency crisis.
Instead, all that Qatar will have managed to achieve will be significant financial exposure.

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