Qatar Royalty Continues To Finance Radical Groups Around Middle East Nations

A well-documented dossier in possession of Fox News Agency has confirmed the role of Qatar royalty in financing the notorious Lebanese Hezbollah organization that stands sanctioned as a terrorist outfit by the U.S. and the European Union.

The recent financing bid of military hardware and equipment might have put the US troops stationed in the emirate and Saudi Arabia at risk. This revelation came to light when a fictitious arms contractor was planted as a part of a sting operation within Qatar’s military equipment procurement business.

The documented dossier confirms the role of the Qatar royalty in the military business since 2017, a major reason why Qatar has been ostracized by the Middle Eastern quartet in the same year. Qatar has been known to finance and encourage the role of Islamist radical groups that have been instrumental in spreading terrorism worldwide.

The Hezbollah organization is also running as a political party in Lebanon and has been carrying out religiously motivated radical attacks in Iraq and Lebanon, time and again. It is actually an Iranian proxy Shia milita that has known to be dependent on Iranian finance and support for its extremist activities.

A certain businessman Jason G. was apparently transacted with through Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Sulaiman al-Khulaifi, Qatar’s Ambassador to Belgium and the NATO. He was sought to pay Jason G. 750,000 euros to hush up the role of Qatar’s regime in supplying money and weapons to the Lebanese Shi’ite organization. However, no official statement has been made by NATO or Qatar administration about this startling finding.

Strangely, while Qatar might be working hand in glove with Iran on silently eliminating the American military support in the Middle East, it continues to hold itself in the good books of President Donald Trump.  A sudden turnaround by Trump in April of 2018 did leave UAE and Saudi Arabia shocked. Trump greeted the Emir of Qatar with much fanfare, reversing his previous stance that Qatar was indeed financing the game of terrorism and this needed to be stopped.  

European politicians are in favour of a certain kind of policy to check Qatar’s illicit terrorism financing. The most favourable action would be to start with freezing its various banks accounts in Europe, especially Belgium. According to the dossier, two Qatari charities furnished cash to Hezbollah in Beirut “under the guise of food and medicine.” It named the organizations involved as the Sheikh Eid Bin Mohammad Al Thani Charitable Association and the Education Above All Foundation. This has been known to be a common practice with Qatar. The authenticity of Jason G’s findings remains intact owing to the fact that he has a history of having worked with various intelligence services. His dossier was viewed as relevant and authentic by top German intelligence officials. The German weekly Die Zeit reported last month that Jason G.’s dossier could fetch as much as 10 million euros.

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