Qatar’s Long History of Corruption in Investments

One of the things that few people realize about Qatar is that it is a neo-patriarchal absolute monarchy. Private interests certainly play a major role in how the nation is being governed. However, more importantly, the ruling family of Qatar can easily circumvent the laws of the country without any problems whatsoever.

This is a major problem since Qatar is now wasting its citizens’ money in completely unsuitable foreign investments. These investments are taking place across diverse regions such as North America, Europe and South America.
Media reports have confirmed that the ruling family of Qatar has become disorganized. Moreover, it is now started to squander the money of the people of Qatar by means of secret and personal investments.
In fact, a variety of Qatari investments in foreign locations do not get registered under the Qatar Investment Authority. These foreign investments are assigned to a number of countries such as Russia which has 20% of Qatari investments. Britain is another major destination as it sees 26% while Germany gets 18% and 6% of investments end up in the US.
Shockingly, this is just one part of the long list of corruption issues which are directly related to the Qatari emir and his close circle. Media reports have also revealed several scandals regarding corruption in Qatar.
One of the worst examples of such corruption is related to the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar. Additionally, the United States is set to investigate claims of corruption regarding the winning bid of Qatar for hosting the World Athletics Championship.

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