Rally to Launch Creator Coin, a Cryptocurrency for Content Creators and Celebrities

Rally, a startup led by gaming entrepreneur Kevin Chou, is all set to launch a special type of cryptocurrency called Creator Coin, which would target mainly celebrities, social media influences and their fans, allowing them way male some real money.

Creator coin, which is currently at Alpha testing stage, would enable influencers to create their own brand of cryptocurrency and share some with their fans in form of rewards or means to increase fan engagement.

During his recent interview with GamesBeat, Chou explained how this new currency would explain. He said that an influencer or online content creator could make a Creator Coin and give it away to fans who spend a certain amount of time watching their livestreams. On the other hand fans could use these  customised cryptocurrencies to buy virtual products in a game or from another streamer. And they wouldn’t even need to make a cryptocurrency wallet or create an account for that. Besides fans can also pay in form of virtual currency to their celebrities in exchange of learning certain skill from them or taking their consultation on a particular topic.

Chou’s aim with Creator Coin is to bring out something easy to use and monetise the model of earning by being a virtual content creator. Else it is a long struggle for not so famous influencers or new in the market content creators.

Earlier this year, Rally launched a platform, Taki to add personal flavour to the interactions between fans and their favourite content creator or athlete or celebrities. He said you can imagine being able to ask your favorite creator, athlete or celebrity a question, or learn a skill from them or seek out their advice. Chou emphasised that in an era of hyperconnectivity, these interactions should be simple, but are rather complicated by social platforms that are too big to care about any individual creator or fan. Creators, athletes and celebrities want to establish a better connections with their fans, but existing video and social platforms do not offer that kind of model. “While the first wave of social media fandom was focused on content for mass consumption, we believe the next wave is grounded in personalization,” Chou said. “Just like creators a decade ago had to figure out what content will attract fans on a mass scale, there’s a tremendous opportunity now for creators to crack the code on individualized content experiences that their fans will pay for. At Taki, we’re partnering with creators on a myriad of experiments to drive compelling new personalized content for fans, and much-needed monetization opportunities for creators.”

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