Ryanair drops’MAX’ from Boeing 737, but Boeing retains it

Boeing’s troubled airplane 737 MAX, which are yet to be delivered to Ryanair, have been spotted with a different name. Ryanair seems to have dropped ‘MAX’ from the name, which was painted on airplane’s nose. It has lead to speculation within the industry that Boeing and airlines are planning to rebrand the plane.

On Sunday, a twitted account holder of the name Woodys Aeroimages, posted two photographs of a Ryanair plane with name as 737-8200, instead of 737 Max. The plane is a larger version of the Max 8. The images show the Ryanair plane at Boeing’s Renton plant in Washington.

Following two deadly crashes in last six months due to software failure, including the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia which claimed 346 lives, the Boeing grounded 737 MAX 8 jets worldwide in March.

The United States’ largest domestic airlines company’s quarterly revenue report reflected the ripple effects of grounding as 2019 report showed a dip in the company’s earning and profits as compared to last year. The plan which has been reworked on and is ready to hit the runway, is yet to convince the regulators that the fixes it made to its software are sufficient to ensure the airplane’s safety.

Once the regulators are sure of plane’s safety and give it permission to fly, Boeing would make first lot of delivery to Ryanair. Boeing, in total has to deliver 135 of the 737 Max models to the airlines, the first five of which are due for delivery in the autumn.

Boeing hasn’t given out any statement with regard to plane’s rebranding but at the same time has not ruled out the possibility for the same in future. Some have already started to refer the plan with the new name.

At the airshow held last month in Paris, International Airlines Group announced plans to buy 200 Max planes at a discount. The group owned by British Airways referred to the aircrafts as “B737 aircraft”.

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