Swiss Crypto Specialist Bitcoin Suisse Applies for Banking and Securities Licenses 

Bitcoin Suisse, a crypto-broker as well as front runner of Switzerland’s “Crypto Valley,” has taken anticipatory measures to abide by a “maturing” regulatory environment.

The company announced on Tuesday that it has applied for a banking license with Swiss Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FINMA), along with a safety dealer’s license, required by the Stock Exchange and Securities Trading Act (SESTA). Previously, economic authorities at the Swiss Federal Council stated blockchain and distributed ledger technologies would be governed by available regulatory schemes.

However, a Suisse firm agent stated :

“We think that in the long-term, more regulation will follow, whenever the guidelines grabs up with the technical advancements of the space. We think that within this new regulatory environment, firms without the essential licenses could have a minimum capability to help clients with the full spectrum of good quality, innovative crypto-financial products, and solutions .”

In the declaration, the firm stated these preemptive licenses will certainly increase the number of managed services and products it can offer as “more and more crypto property and services fall under securities and banking regulation.” Nowadays, the firm representative refused to comment on particular assets, but offered, “A securities retailer license would permit us to deal crypto tokens which have been classified as securities by the financial regulator. This could include our personal stable coin, the Swiss Crypto Franc .”

In May, SIX, the Swiss national stock exchange company announced it was growing the CHF Stable Coin pegged to the Swiss franc – to automate processes and also potentially tokenize properties on the SIX Digital Exchange.

As an element of Swiss banking guidelines, the firm announced it has deposited CHF45 million – the equivalent amount in USD – as collateral for a default bank guarantee. It offers to boost this reserve by CHF10 million, past the obligatory limit. These holdings will assist secure clients’ fiat and pooled crypto deposits.

This is not to say Swiss laws are overly burdensome. “The regulatory industry in Switzerland is quite crypto-friendly. The Federal Council along with the FINMA are pursuing a very productive approach that fosters innovation in the long-term,” a company representative stated

Indeed, these applications come after the organization already prolonged its list of tradable assets to 125 cryptocurrencies, allowing more than 6, 000 trading pairs, along with the firm’s entrance into the collateralized lending and credit markets for institutional clients last year. Its extended footprint also includes the firm’s subsidiary Swiss Crypto Vault AG which provides custodial crypto storage for businesses. As of June, the vault oversees $1 billion in assets.

Started in 2013 as a brokerage, the organization has expanded to include prime brokerage, trading, storage, and lending services.

As per the announcement, Suisse’s net income this past year attained CHF25 million, from revenues of CHF44 million. It has also added 90 experts to its staff and expanded offices to Zug, Copenhagen and Vaduz.

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