Three Mobile customers discounted up to £20 credit as reimbursement for services outage

After last week’s outrage, the Three mobile network customers received compensation of around £20 in the form of a credit on their invoices.

A few days back, many customers were left without telephone signals and internet connections for quite a long time. To get compensation over the inconvenience caused by the network providers, the customer will need to contact the company for each case individually.

The compensation amount will depend on what level the difficulty a customer faced.

A Three representative stated: “If you’d like to converse with us about a refund, and then please call us, and address each customer’s case.

The Three Mobile Network company apologized to the customers for the outage caused and stated to help and support them individually.
The Three also couldn’t determine how many customers were entitled to claim.

To contact the company, call free on 333. The customer will need to provide proof about how to outage affected you, e.g., the additional charges you suffered or evidence that it disrupted your work, The Sun reported.

It not finalized by the company that how much the discounted money will be; however, MoneySavingExpert reports that few customers have got £20 credit towards their invoice.

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