Trump Withhold Of Ukrainian Funds Unconstitutional

According to Congress’ nonpartisan watchdog, the Trump administration has no legal authority to withhold the millions of dollars of security assistance in the form of aid that had been passed by Congress for use in Ukraine.

Mr. Donald Trump asserted that he gave orders for the funds to be withheld, only because he had grave concerns over the use of funds. Ukraine has been troubled with internal corruption and money laundering scandals. However, this particular instance has become the main point that strengthens the case of impeachment against Trump.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has finally been able to furnish a report that states that the Office of Management and Budget had in fact, improperly frozen funds on the pretext of policy.

According to an official statement by the GAO, “Faithful execution of the law does not permit the President to substitute his own policy priorities for those that Congress has enacted into law.” The Democrats accused Trump of withholding funds, as a pressure tactic to force the Ukrainian government to act to suit his own political agenda.

Trump had pushed for investigations to be opened in Ukraine over the involvement of Joe Biden and his son Hunter, to see if there were any possible skeletons in the closet which could be dug out to be used against Biden, who was then proving to be a promising presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, troubled with infringement of privacy of its energy and related companies, the Ukraine government has been looking for help. They have also opened a criminal probe into whether American citizens placed the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine under surveillance, as text messages suggest before she was removed from her post last year.

There are too many of Trump’s skeletons flying out of the closet, as the Democratic-controlled House has passed two articles of impeachment one focused on abuse of power and the other on obstructing Congress, in December.
Charges of withholding funds have also now proven, putting Trump’s case in extremely choppy waters. It proves the fact that indeed the president used his seat power, to influence the leader of another country, something that is considered extremely unethical and totally against the governance in America.

Republican-led Senate is expected to acquit Mr. Trump of the charges, but will not be able to do so very easily, as Democrats have provided with compelling evidence that means, a trial will ensue.


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