UAE Businessmen Interesting to Make Investments in Armenia

Businessmen hailing from UAE have an interest in making some investments in Armenia. The trade turnover in between the two countries has risen 10-folks from twenty-five million to about 250 million USD in the last five years as told by Zaki Nusseibeh, the Minister of the State after the sidelines of the ministerial conference of 17th Francophonie summit.

The Minister of the State in UAE said a story that some 5-6 years ago one of his friends had visited Armenia for the 1st time and when he has returned from there, he had been amazed. His friends stated that he has discovered Switzerland just next to them. According to him rather than looking for appropriate investment sphere in Europe, he is going to do it there in Armenia.
Recently, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of the inception of the diplomatic relations in between Armenia. The trade turn over in between the two countries have risen from twenty five million USD to 250 million in the last five years. There are some direct flights connecting Armenia to UAE. Thus, it can be seen there is a great possibility to strengthen relation.
UAE has been the observer member of Organisation internationale de la Francophonie from 2010. As per the Minister of the State, they plan on becoming the full member. He has said that French language is very important for them as it is the language of dialogue in various countries. Some people even call this the language of the peace dialogue. Zaki Nusseibeh, Minister of State of the UAE have expressed a deep sorrow regarding the demise of Charles Aznavour, the famous French-Armenian chansonnier.

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