UK Government Announces Pay Hike for Public Sector Workers on COVID-19 Frontline

Covid -19

On Tuesday, The UK Government announced that Britain has been the most noticeably awful hit Covid-19 nations in Europe, with an ascent in cases and reported around 45,000 deaths. Moreover, for the acknowledgment of services by frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic, the UK government has declared a pay hike for more than 900,000 public sector workers, including police, teachers, dentists, doctors, and senior government employees. 

The everyday health risks taken by the British doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, and the healthcare workers treating Covid-19 patients have been commendable. More than 100 frontline workers in the UK have passed away while serving during the pandemic. 

Britain’s finance minister Rishi Sunak, stated, “Past months have underlined that our public sector workers perform an essential contribution to our nation and that we can rely on them when we need them.”

In the announcement, the Teacher’s pay will increment at 3.1%, while dentists’ and doctors’ salaries will rise around 2.8%. The police will receive a 2.5% raise, and the armed forces will get a 2% hike in pay, the government stated. More than a million hospital staff and nurses have recently consented to a separate pay settlement, which is done at 4.4% this year. 

However, lately, PM Boris Johnson has been criticized largely for his response to the pandemic by opposition party leaders and medical experts saying the government was slow in tackling the spread of the virus, executing lockdown, and widespread testing, The Reuters reported.

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