UK Tourist Destinations Seek Unemployment Benefits

The United Kingdom Labour party analysis is showing that areas that are heavily dependent on travel and tourism driven income have been severely affected by the pandemic led unemployment situations.

Most of these areas are claiming unemployment benefits. The rate is at an average 65 percent higher than in other areas of United Kingdom. These include 32 or more places in England, Scotland and Wales that are heavily dependent on income generated from travel and tourism.

According to data collected from the Office for National Statistics, the unemployment benefits claimant count among working-age adults has been raised by an average of 174% from February to June – compared to 109% for the UK as a whole.

Indeed, holiday towns are facing a huge job crisis. Kier Starmer is the leader of the Labour Party and has now called out for a more flexible and targeted support system to protect jobs in communities reliant on tourism. This comes in as the government decides to wind down its furlough scheme.

 While the reluctant Briton is now travelling to nearby tourist destinations to not miss on this vacation time, the business is not as usual for travel and tourism industry.

Joss Croft, CEO, UKinbound, a trade association representing the tourism sector has shared with various media sources that the association is seeking help from the Boris Johnson government urging them to establish what they think will work well , a ‘tourism resilience fund’, to help them buttress their sinking business till the until the industry is able to recover next year. According to official estimates, the travel and tourism industry has gone back a couple of years in its projections. On the flipside, this could just be a publicity stunt put up by the Labour Party, to earn brownie points, feels the work and pensions secretary, Thérèse Coffey, who made an official statement to the media saying, “At a time when we are protecting almost 10 million people’s incomes – and supporting millions more through our safety net welfare system – it is disappointing to see Keir Starmer using selective figures to chase headlines and score cheap political points.”

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