Ukraine Seeks Help Of FBI To Nab Cyber Breach Culprits

Ukraine turned to nobody but the US for help when it faced a massive cyber attack by Russian military hackers on one if it’s largest energy company’s Burisma.

The Ukrainian government has requested the Federal Bureau Of Investigation to help out in the task. While Trump is standing in the midst of a raging storm, the FBI has all the reasons to play it safe and has not responded to Ukraine’s request for help. It has declined to comment, for the time being.

It was a California-based cybersecurity company Area 1 Security that could pinpoint that in fact, the hacking of Burisma Holdings could have been done by Russia’s Main Directorate of Military Intelligence, or GRU.

Burisma was at the center of attempts by Trump in July 2019, to persuade Ukraine to announce an investigation into Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential contender, and his son, Hunter, who used to have a seat on the Ukrainian company’s board. There has been no evidence of wrongdoing by the Bidens, who reject Trump’s allegations of corruption.

Trump’s efforts against Biden and arm twisting the Ukrainian government (though subtly) have led to him being impeached on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The president, who denies wrongdoing, faces a trial in the U.S. Senate next week.

According to Ukrainian interior ministry, sensitive personal data of employees has been stolen in the cyber attack. Some other companies have also been compromised. This includes the media production company owned by President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Strangely, the same hacking group, known as “Fancy Bear” or “APT28” by cybersecurity researchers, was instrumental in breaching the American Democratic National Committee in 2016 as well. According to U.S. investigators, this was described as part of an operation to disrupt that year’s election campaign which saw the win of the current President Donald Trump.


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