UK’s Charity Commission raises red flag on independence of Qatar Charity UK

The UK’s Charity Commission has issued a warning about the “independence” of a British Organisation Nectar Trust or also known as Qatar Charity UK due to its links to a Qatari group which was blacklisted as a terror organization by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The UK charities watchdog interrupted in 2015 when it found Qatar Charity UK was receiving almost all its funding from the Qatar Charity Qatar (QCQ), according to a Sunday Telegraph report.

QCQ is a Doha-based Qatar Charity, has been linked with the Muslim Brotherhood and was listed as a supporter of terrorism by the group of Arab countries that boycotted Qatar in 2017.

Nectar Trust was allegedly used to fund millions of pounds to mosques and other organizations across Britain.

It is reported that the organization received 28 million pounds from QCQ in 2017.

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