United States: no free trade agreement with UK unless tech firms tax dismissed

The Trump government has made it evident to Boris Johnson that any post-Brexit US-UK unhindered free trade deal would depend on if Britain drops taxing big American tech firms, as per international media.

A month ago, Donald Trump reported that he and the British PM had just talked about the ventures of free trade relations when he called to congratulate him on winning the UK elections.

Trump told the media that they are working now on a trade deal, and soon, he believes it’ll be a good trade deal. UK’s association with the European Union hindered us.

Prime Minister Johnson said a month ago in York that Johnson had spoken for the arrangement to impose taxes on companies, e.g., Facebook, Google, and Amazon. “I believe’ it’s profoundly unreasonable that high street markets are covering heavy taxes in comparison to the web goliaths, “We must discover a method for burdening the web goliaths on their pay because right now it is unjustifiable.” Reported by international media. According to The Telegraph, Trump administration had clarified its restriction to the assessment to “numerous levels” of the British government. It would bring up further issues about’  Johnson’s cases that Britain should push for a no-deal Brexit due to potential plans to be produced with countries, for example, the US.

White House told journalists on Friday, the president and British PM had spoken on Thursday to examine “areas of further collaboration, notably in context to the trade, 5G, and worldwide security”. “The president emphasized his gratitude for the unique relations between the United States and the United Kingdom. He added that he is anticipating meeting with the British PM at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France soon, representative Hogan Gidley stated.

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