US prepared to sign ambitious free trade deal with UK, ‘as soon as’ Britain exits EU

A day after US naval forces joined hands with UK to protect the ships from attacks in Strait of Hormuz, the two again came together, this time to save the later from financial crisis. As Britain economy fears being engulfed by the recession forces amid Brexit talks, Washington flew in as a saviour, proposing a free trade agreement to be executed ‘as soon as’ London leaves the 28-nation bloc. The deadline for UK’s departure is October 31.

During his meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab expressed the need for UK to undertake quick negotiations for a trade deal which would be beneficial for both the economies.

Raab got a positive response from Pompeo as he said that US supports Britain’s “sovereign choice” in separating from the European Union.

Pompeo said, “However Brexit ultimately shakes out, we’ll be on the doorstep hand-in-hand, ready to sign a new free trade agreement at the earliest possible time.”

Raab told reporters, “America is our single largest bilateral trading partner. President Trump has made clear again that he wants an ambitious free trade agreement with UK, so I hope that we can make that happen as soon as possible after we leave the EU on the 31st of October.”

Raab also brought up the issue of UK being ‘ready and willing’ for negotiating a new deal with EU to prevent the wounding “no-deal” Brexit. Though EU has repeatedly ruled out the possibility of renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement. A senior EU official has accused British government, headed by Boris Johnson, of holding ‘no-deal’ as its central scenario, which UK denies. The EU diplomat, who revealed information on the condition of anonymity, told The Guardian that, UK ‘does not have another plan’, nor does it hold any ‘intention to negotiate, which would require a plan’.

US trade deal proposal is believed to provide a bit of confidence to the otherwise plummeting British economy.

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