Why Europe Should Brace For Second Wave Of Infection And Hold Off Celebrations?


Europe is still not out of the choppy waters as WHO seniors have warned it to brace for impact against another onslaught from the deadly Corona virus. A second wave is expected in winter of 2020 and maybe a compounded worry with possibility of other infectious diseases acting up as well. 

According to Dr. Hans Kluge of World Health Organization (Europe), there are grave chances of more flues coming to surface in the approaching winter months. Seasonal allergies and flues could compound the fight with Covid-19 and Europe needs to be prepared for that. 

Lockdown ease measures have started across the EU countries too. This is being done in desperation as the economy of the EU nations primarily depends on travel and tourism. So instead of planning to open by like EU, Europe should think about ramping up its medical facilities and prepare in advance. 

Currently, Singapore, Japan and Scandinavian countries are preparing in advance, well aware that the battle is not going to be over, till the time a vaccine is made available. The theory of herd immunity might work to some extent, but nations would have to experience it to set an example. 

According to experts, Britain’s National Health Services (NHS) is not prepared for a second wave. They should also be looking at setting preventive measures in place. 

As tests continue to be done to ascertain the nature of Covid-19, it is still not clear if it spread is periodically or climate driven. In a nutshell, one does not know if Covid-19 is endemic in nature. 

Many scientists are warning a spread in similar terms as the Spanish Flu of the 1900s which had claimed more than 50 million lives. It came in three successive ways and was quickly transmitted due to troop movements at the time of War War-1.  British PM Boris Johnson’s decision to open up the economy and lift lockdowns is sounding alarm bells amongst the scientific community. 

Scientific advisors to the Government (SAGE) have produced models that suggest that either fully opening schools or relaxing all social distancing measures now, would lead to a resurgence of the virus and a second wave. 

Spain, France, Belgium and Germany are just a few examples of countries that are easing off lockdown measures, a death trap in the making, scientists and health advisories would say. 

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